Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sorry about the lack of posting - I'm working on a very difficult pattern.

A couple months ago, I found a picture of this skirt on Pinterest and I literally fell in love!  But they're insanely expensive, so I figured, like last week, that I would try to make it on my own.  So I found a few lace patterns that I'm going to attempt putting together to make a skirt look-a-like.


In the meantime, though, I have finished the pillow!  And I have started a new sweater for my little guy -   which one at this point - the pattern is a little funny.


I'm pretty sure I'm following the gauge and everything, but the sweater feels like it's going to turn out too big for my 10 month old - maybe J can wear it.

And my blanket... oh what to say.

It is coming along, slowly but surely.  I just added a whole bunch of hexagons that more than doubled the size and it made me pretty excited!

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